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Pretty in Pink

a community for livejournal ladies & gents who love pink hair

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We are Livejournal ladies and gentlemen who love pink hair.

We are of a wonderful breed, a group of superhuman glitterfish. We tend to disguise ourselves as plastic garden flamingos and anime villains.

In /~pinkhair, we post pictures, hair tips for styling and treatment, and dye recommendations or experiences. You should too! Pink is love.

Before you post to this community, please refer to this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question isn't addressed in the FAQ, try using Pinkhair's Search Engine or peruse the Tag Listings!


Some rules to keep in mind:

+ Advertising is not allowed.
+ If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. This community is a friendly, helpful place to talk about our mutual love for pink hair. This is not the place for petty and offensive insults.
+ Don't feed the trolls. Don't facilitate drama. If you have a problem with another user in this community, please contact the moderator.
+ Do not harass other users by posting their pictures to other communities or websites. Do not use any of the pictures posted here without the explicit knowledge and permission of their owners.
+ As the moderator, I reserve the right to delete any off-topic material, at any time, without notice. Likewise, I reserve the right to ban you if you are harassing other users, flaming, saying inappropriate and/or unwelcome things, trolling, spamming, or otherwise creating or encouraging drama.
+ If you have any problems with the above, please feel free to leave now.

The color of your hair is the color of love!
--Beborn Beton

Pink is the love you discover.

Heats up coffee that's been sitting there
If it tastes a little old she doesn't care
But beware!
You don't like our tattoos
But you kinda like my pink hair
I don't like your pantyhose
I like a different kind of underwear.

--The Lunachicks

maintained by girlchild
visit our sister communities, past and present: dyed_hair and heartgreenhair
if you have questions, comments, or suggestions contact the moderator
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